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maple story
VincentDate: Saturday, 2009-09-26, 8:58 PM | Message # 1
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this mmo is a great game and also fun things to do they have cash up quests, and level up's wen your a beginner on maple story the quest there easy but u keep on level up the quest gets harder well also depends on the job u are there's 5 jobs that u can pick up there's thief, bowmen, mage, pirets, and worries thief's they have 2 jobs 1 is trowing stars and the other u can use a claw or a dagger bowmen you can use a bow or a cross bow the bow u can trow 1 arrow but it have a good damage and the cross bow u trow 2 arrows good dame and also fast and yes u have to get the arrows u can get them by monsters or store also as the stars mage there's Wizard and Cleric wizards use (Fire/Poison) and clerics have ice and lighting and also health your part members pirates they have Brawler and Gunslinger the brawler is a fighter u can make really good damage and the Gunslinger is a gunner u can get them to stores or the good one's in the cash up and worrier they have fighter, Page, and Spear man the fighter from the worrier they have diff. things then the pirates the page you use have swords and axe and the Spear man you use well spears wen you level up u have to get the all 4 books each book have diff. powers and diff. skills and also the emotions from this game are good and also little funny and also u make gils and theres a room that u can fight with other ppl or gils and ther's big bosses that you have to kill and each boss u can get a rear item and alot of mesos so thas why we give this Mmo a 8.0
OmegaMMOGamers » All MMOs here » FREE MMORPGs » maple story
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